hi! i'm justanotherinternetguy

programmer, privacy/FOSS advocate, linux sysadmin, penspinner, balisong flipper, lotr nerd

this is my own little website and blog that i manage. i started maintaining my own website in 2020. i have gone through countless overhauls, so don't be alarmed if my website completely changes one day. i wanted to make this website as minimal as possible without detracting from user experience.

some fun facts about me...

  • I was born in Shanghai and lived there for several years before moving to the United States. I consider myself lucky enough that I learned English at just the right time to speak both Mandarin and English fluently.
  • I am an active Wikipedia editor
  • I enjoy conlangs and linguistics. I am currently learning Esperanto and toki pona.

in my free time, i am a...

  • Programmer - Computer science has been my biggest hobby since middle school. I love everything to do with computers. I am involved in programming for robotics, machine learning, and web development.
    My workstation PC specs:
    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5900X
    • GPU: RTX 3080 LHR
    • RAM: TEAMGROUP DDR4 32GB (2x16) 3600MHz CL18
    • SSD: 1 TB NVMe M.2
    My current development environment consists of: I also have a MacBook Pro 2019 and an Acer Swift SF314-52 running Arch that I use as daily laptop drivers.
  • Sysadmin - I have an old laptop that I am using as a home server. I am running GIMPS on it 24/7/365. It also runs my discord bot and any other server-related projects that me or my friends might need.
  • conlanger - I am working on a new conlang called helkisan, used for my nation sim/rp/worldbuilding projects online.
    • Rominalos - my nation on nationstates (ns). ns is a nation simulator and political rp game, designed as one large social experiment to put a player in the shoes of a national leader.